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  • Christopher Clowes

Luxury Camping VS Luxury Lodges

Updated: May 25, 2023

When it comes to camping trips with friends or families, there are many different avenues

you could go down depending on your comfort needs. If you’re looking to sleep in a leaky

tent where you go to bed uncomfortable with frozen toes and wake up overcome by a hot

sweaty tent, then perhaps traditional tent camping is best suited for you. Alternatively, more and more people are opting for some more comfort, by luxury camping in a bell tent, safari tent, yurt or a tipi in many camping sites in the UK.

As you plan for this year's adventures, why don’t you consider going a few steps further

from luxury camping, in terms of comfort, breathtaking views and style by considering a

Luxury Lodge instead of luxury camping.

Luxury Camping

Some may be hesitant to treat themselves to such ‘luxuries’, but there is no shame in

spending your well-earned holiday on a glamping site! Luxury Camping allows you to holiday

in more family friendly and stylish tents such as a bell tent or a tipi. However imagine you’ve booked a holiday in a tipi tent...when you arrive you suddenly realise the challenges; you have to prepare a tarp just in case the floor is wet or sandy, you see the doors have small holes where the wasps and gnats will come through and the rain canvases don’t have a big overlap so the rain could come in! Even-though luxury camping has its downsides, it supplies the necessary facilities for a fun-packed holiday with all the stunning views immersed in nature, and the rustic remote feeling traditional camping awards to you remains!

If you’re looking to spend your getaway, stress-free, adventurous and tranquil then why don’t

you book a stay at a luxury lodge. They provide an abundance of comfort and luxury so you

can fully relax and feel the stress lifting off your shoulders as soon as you open the lodge


Lodges are a perfect choice all year round because in the colder months you don’t have to

worry about the icy breeze seeping through a tent or tipi, you can warm up in a hot tub. In

the warmer summer months you can swing the doors open and let in the cool breeze or take

a walk surrounded by stretches of trees and fields with the sun rays breaking through the


Yellow Top Luxury Lodges

Whilst regular Luxury Lodges are lovely, they do not compare to the lodges available at Yellow Top - a site where all of the cherished aspects of traditional camping will be provided, alongside luxurious hot tubs, fully furnished stunning rooms with plenty of space. The Yellow Top’s Lodges are situated at the foot of the Yorkshire Wolds, and surrounded by attractive market towns.

Should you wish to find out more regarding a luxurious camping stay at one of Yellow Top’s divine lodges, be sure to contact the team today!

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