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Nature's Playground & Exploring the Yorkshire Wolds at Yellowtop Country Park


a sanctuary nestled at the foot of the Yorkshire Wolds, where luxury and nature entwine to create a haven of peaceful escapades and adventurous explorations. Our 20 self-catering lodges, each with its own private hot tub, are not just accommodations but gateways to an experience where the lush embrace of the countryside cradles you in a peaceful retreat. Whether seeking a romantic getaway amidst secluded nature or a family holiday filled with outdoor adventures, Yellowtop is a canvas where your ideal stay is painted with strokes of luxury, adventure, and serene beauty. Let’s embark on a journey through the picturesque landscapes, explore the myriad of activities, and dive into the tranquil luxury that is quintessentially Yellowtop.

Embracing the Tranquillity of Yellowtop Country Park

Step into a world where tranquillity and luxury intertwine at Yellowtop Country Park. Our lodges, each meticulously designed with an eye for detail, offer a sanctuary where you can unwind amidst the lush landscapes of the Yorkshire countryside. Choose between our 1 or 2-bedroom lodges, each providing a unique blend of homely comfort and opulent luxury, ensuring your stay is nothing short of extraordinary. Picture yourself sinking into the soothing bubbles of your private hot tub, under a sky ablaze with stars, recounting the day’s adventures and dreaming of the explorations to come. At Yellowtop, every moment is a cherished memory in the making.

Fishing Adventures at Yellowtop

Embark on a fishing adventure where the gentle lap of the lake’s waters against the shore and the distant calls of nature create a symphony of serenity at Yellowtop. Our well-stocked fishing lake, a haven for anglers, promises not just the thrill of the catch but also moments of peaceful reflection amidst nature. Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or trying your hand at the sport for the first time, the lake offers a tranquil escape where time seems to stand still, and the world fades away, leaving just you, the water, and perhaps, a fish or two to regale tales about upon your return.

Exploring the Yorkshire Wolds

The Yorkshire Wolds, with their rolling hills and verdant valleys, beckon you to explore the myriad of secrets they hold. Just a whisper away from Yellowtop Country Park, these enchanting landscapes offer a playground where nature and adventure dance in harmonious union. Traverse through winding trails, where each turn reveals a new, breathtaking view, and every step brings you closer to the untouched beauty of the Wolds. Whether cycling through picturesque paths or hiking amidst the lush, vibrant nature, the Yorkshire Wolds promise an adventure where memories are etched into the very soul of the landscape.

Mid-Week Breaks at Yellowtop

Discover a hidden gem in our mid-week breaks, where the serene ambiance of Yellowtop Country Park becomes a canvas upon which your restful retreat is painted. Experience the lush landscapes and luxurious lodges in a more intimate setting, where tranquillity reigns supreme and the beauty of nature takes centre stage. Our specially curated mid-week packages, designed with both families and couples in mind, offer a peaceful escape from the hustle of everyday life, inviting you to immerse yourself in a world where nature cradles you in its soothing embrace, and time gracefully slows down.

Outdoor Activities for All Ages

Beyond the luxurious confines of your lodge, Yellowtop Country Park unfolds into a realm where outdoor activities abound for explorers of all ages. Families will find joy in the playful whispers of nature along our trails, while couples can discover secluded spots where romance blossoms amidst the beauty of the Wolds. Our collaborations with local activity providers ensure a spectrum of adventures, from the leisurely to the exhilarating, guaranteeing that every day at Yellowtop brings with it a new story to be told, a new memory to be made.

Exploring Nearby: The Historical City of York

Journey just 20 miles from the peaceful seclusion of Yellowtop and find yourself transported into the rich historical tapestry of the City of York. Walk along cobbled streets that echo tales of times gone by, explore the architectural splendour of the York Minster, and lose yourself in the charming boutiques and quaint cafés that dot the city. The proximity of York allows you to seamlessly weave the vibrant exploration of city life into your tranquil country retreat, crafting a holiday experience that is as rich and varied as the landscapes that surround you.


Yellowtop Country Park, your gateway to a world where luxury, adventure, and tranquillity coalesce into a unique tapestry of experiences, awaits your arrival. From the secluded comfort of our lodges to the boundless adventures that lie in the landscapes beyond, your stay with us is more than just a holiday—it’s a collection of moments, of memories that will linger in your heart, long after you’ve left our grounds. For every question, every booking, and every desire to explore, the Yellowtop team is here, ready to help you weave your own tapestry of unforgettable memories.

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Lyn Hughes
Lyn Hughes
Oct 17, 2023

We have just got back from yellowtop we enjoyed our stay. Me husband loved the fishing. I loved feeding Sydney the Swan with bread every day. We will be back love staying here . See you next year

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