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Reasons to bring your pet to our dog-friendly campsite

They say that a dog is man’s best friend, and if you are one of the estimated eight million households that own a canine companion, you’ll know precisely why this is so true. Having your dog join you on a dog-friendly campsite holiday gives you peace of mind knowing that they are safe and happy. There is no need to constantly check in on them so you can stress less and enjoy having them by your side to make unforgettable memories together. Plus, you won’t have the expense of a massive bill for kenneling fees for your four-legged friend!

Dogs deserve a holiday too

For many of us, our dogs are a part of the family; a holiday just wouldn’t be the same without bringing your furry companion with you. Not only does it eliminate the stress and costs associated with having to put your dog in a kennel, but taking your dog on holiday to discover new and exciting adventures is definitely going to be enjoyable and memorable for everyone.

As part of the family, your dog deserves a holiday too! The best part about taking your family pet on dog-friendly campsites is experiencing new destinations together; they are never happier when they are by your side. So, whether you’re exploring the embracing Yorkshire countryside or hitting the dog-friendly beaches, you and your dog can see the sights together and pose for some seriously adorable holiday pictures.

It’s something new

Not all holidays you go on can bring your dog - it's something new. A selection of our lodges are available to hire, which are all dog friendly. Everyday life sometimes gets in the way and even though your dog may get walked and loved every day, sometimes going on holiday means they get a bit of extra quality time and cuddles too! Spend time considering what to pack too; water and food bowls, your dog’s bed and blanket, a favourite toy, leads, medicine and food to name but a few.

Bringing your dog means you will see and explore exciting and beautiful areas such as the Yorkshire Wolds, situated just above the Yellowtop campsite. Additionally, dogs are naturally friendly and social - they’ll say hello to the locals even if you don’t! Aside from that, they’re a conversation starter. Bring your dog with you, and you’re bound to meet more locals.

Several of our lodges at Yellowtop Country Park accept dogs, either 2 small breed dogs or one medium/large dog. Fully equipped with Widescreen TVs and DVD players, free WIFI, fully equipped kitchens and your own private hot tub, browse our website to find your favourite lodge! Surrounded by natural beauty, each lodge has been lovingly designed and decorated to the highest standard.

Should you wish to enquire further about any of the above information regarding your stay, please contact the Team at Yellowtop today.

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